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Homework #7: Final Project Ideas

Note: See the specific deadlines for this homework which spans Spring Break.

  • First, read the requirements for the Final Project.

    And browse the projects from past terms: Spring 2018 and Spring 2016.

  • Brainstorm ideas for the final project for this course. Come up with 2 different possible projects.

  • For each of your 2 ideas:

    • Write a short ~100 word paragraph describing of the project. Answer the "who" (audience), "why" (research question), "what" (the finished visualization), etc.

    • In a second ~100 word paragraph, describe one significant and specific technical challenge for the project. What makes this a difficult project? Or said differently, what is a potential "risk" to your successful completion of this project before the end of the semester? Examples of challenges are:

      • acquiring the data,
      • working with very large data,
      • implementing a new visualization design,
      • implementing a novel interaction scheme, or
      • revising the visualization design to appropriately present and allow the user to validate the hypothesized information/pattern you believe is hidden in the data.
  • Deadline for PART 1: Saturday March 7th @ 11:59pm    (no late days, please)
    Make a post on the Submitty Discussion Forum with your two different project ideas.

    At the bottom of the post indicate if you've already chosen one of these ideas, if you already have a partner for the final project (who?), if you're looking for a partner for one of these ideas, and/or if you're open to working on some other topic. Even if you have decided on a partner and/or project idea, each student must post make their own post with 2 different ideas.

    NOTE: Teams of 2 are strongly recommended. Advance approval will be required for individual projects.

  • Deadline for PART 2: Monday March 16th 23rd @ 11:59pm    (no late days, please)
    Post a response to 3 other students' posts. Pick one of their proposed ideas and:

    • Ask a detailed question about the project idea,
    • Suggest a specific dataset source,
    • Suggest a specific visualization toolkit to use for the project,
    • Suggest a reference (paper, book, URL, etc.), or
    • Pose a related research question and/or hypothesis.

    Let's try to distribute the responses so that everyone gets at least 2 responses of feedback.