4.491: Special Problems in Building Technology
Form-Finding and Structural Optimization: Gaudi Workshop


Prof. John Ochsendorf (Architecture)


Dr. Barb Cutler (Computer Science)
Axel Kilian (Architecture)
Simon Greenwold (MathWorks)
Prof. Erik Demaine (Computer Science)
Martin Demaine (Computer Science)
Christine Walker, TA (Architecture)

This research workshop will explore three-dimensional problems in the static equilibrium of structural systems. Through an interdisciplinary collaboration between computer science and architecture, we will develop design tools for determining the form of three-dimensional structural systems under a variety of loads. The goal of the workshop is to develop real-time design and analysis tools which will be useful to architects and engineers in the form-finding of efficient three-dimensional structural systems. Research topics include, but are not limited to: mesh generation; procedural methods for creating structural elements; physical simulation procedures; interactive design tools; structural analysis; computer graphics; and mathematics of nodal systems. Students will gain experience with basic programming through a series of exercises leading up to a final project.

Students will be evaluated based on attendance, weekly assignments, research presentations, and the completion of a final project. Readings to be distributed.

Meeting time: Monday, 3-5 PM, MIT Room 4-261

Credit: 9 units

Prerequisites: None, permission required of instructor to enroll

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