Here's stuff from the Gaudi seminar:

Tools group presentation 2/25/03

Large steps in cloth simulation. David Baraff and Andrew Witkin. July 1998. Proceedings of the 25th annual conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques. (Siggraph '98)

zipped up cloth code (implicit/explicit) 3/10/04

My attempt at construction of a paperclip model with interesting topology. I doubt you can really see from the picture, but it's not a simple dome. Opposite sides connect, but in one direction, the connecting chains are longer than in the other.

I found this construction method less than ideal. Paperclips not in tension flop around and the joint connection is messy. Talia had small rings at the nodes so her joints were symmetrical.

My goal for this construction was to make a model with interesting surface topology. To construct the model I first draped long chains from one side of the plan to the other, then linked the chains together with horizontal pieces. Unfortunately, that puts these horizonal pieces in compression and that doesn't work so well with these joints. I'm going to dismantle this and build something else.