Initial Group Brainstorming

We have divided the class into four groups:
   Group 1: Axel Paredes, Jenna Fizel, Ken Griffith, Amanda Parkes
   Group 2: Saud Sharaf, Emily Whiting, Carlos Barrios, Bart Van Bueren
   Group 3: Wanda Lau, Kaustuv Kanti De Biswas, Philippe Block
   Group 4: Ed Rice, Leon Wang, Onur Yuce Gun, Ryo Shimizu

Between now and the next class meeting on October 18th, your group should have at least two brainstorming sessions. During these sessions, each group should outline some research questions as well as short- and long-term goals for the semester. You may consider the following questions:

Each group will make a 10 minute presentation on Oct 18th, summarizing your discussions and proposing possible research avenues for the remainder of the semester. You may want to try implementing some of your ideas in Processing to illustrate your concepts. We are available to answer questions by email and to meet with your group if you would like more input.