Charity Gift Giving Guide

If you are like most people, you can afford to give more.  Read on, to see if you can win an Olympic medal in charitable giving. 

If you are very rich, each year you can afford to give away 3% of your net assets plus 30% of your annual income not from assets.  If you are not so rich, those percentages are significantly reduced.  The computation here uses a sliding scale, computed from how your assets and income compare to the gross domestic product that is attributable to an average household of your size.  More details are in the notes below. 

The Inputs

The values you will need to enter are as follows.  Approximate values are good enough. 

The Calculations

This is a JavaScript form; the calculations are done on your computer and your financial information never travels over the Internet.  Please enter numbers, but no commas or dollar signs, etc.  Note that if the values on Lines B, C, and D are all entered in thousands of dollars, or all in euros or whatever, then all computed giving levels will be similarly denominated. 

A. Household size:   
B. Household net assets: $
C. Household annual income not from assets: $
D. Gross Domestic Product per capita:(defaults to IMF value for the USA, 2017)$
1. Sliding scale:See below
2. Gold Medal percentage for assets:Multiply Line 1 by  3%%
3. Gold Medal percentage for income:Multiply Line 1 by 30%%
4G.Gold Medal annual giving level:Multiply percentages by entered values$
4S.Silver Medal annual giving level:Multiply Line 4G by 50%:$
4B.Bronze Medal annual giving level:Multiply Line 4G by 25%:$

Look at the numbers on Lines 4G, 4S, and 4B.  It is hard to win even a Bronze medal.  Can you do it?

The Notes (for those who care):

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