How to Get Good Grades

What is important when taking a class?

Getting Good Grades This is your ticket to getting into the next class, the next school, or your first job.
Learning the facts If you learn the material enough to do well on exams this is your ticket to surviving in the next class, or retaining the next job. If you get good grades but do not learn the facts, keeping that first job will be tough.
Learning to solve the problems If you learn the material enough to do well on the problem sets this is your ticket for advancing past that entry level job you get. If you memorize the facts but do not learn how build upon them you may find yourself stuck in that first job, with no prospects for advancement.
Yearning for the topic If you want to be the top in your field, you must not only know the material and be able to manipulate it, you must enjoy it. Entrepreneurs who are driven are one crucial step closer to success!

Instead of finding the easiest way to get a good grade, try to find the parts of the topic that are most interesting to you, and use those to motivate you. Some motivation, coupled with some decent effort on the homework will get you the good grades you want and the real skills you need.

"Higher Education is a market where consumers try to get the least for their money." (Sometimes attributed to Woody Allen.)
Do not let it be you!

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