A Pacifist's Plan for Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Liberia, etc.

D--- If your theory is based upon the premise that there are hundreds of thousands of sociopaths conspiring against us, your theory is wrong.

H--- Huh?

D--- Look, most of the people you know are good, yes?  Sure, none of them are perfect and a rare few of them are actual psychopaths, but the vast majority of them are good at heart.  Don't you think the same applies everywhere else?

H--- What's your point?

D--- Their leader and a few of his chief lieutenants are certifiable homicidal megalomaniacs. But the vast majority of the soldiers and the public are good people. Even those in our country who think our leader is a certifiable homicidal megalomaniac have only the best regard for our soldiers, and the same should apply there.

H--- So you are saying the enemy soldiers and the public do not deserve to die?  Tell me then, how are we going to get rid of their leadership?

D--- We must examine why these good soldiers are listening to these rotten leaders.  If we can get the good people back on course, the rotten leaders will have no power left.

H--- How can we get those good soldiers back "on course" before they and their rotten leaders blow us to bits?

D--- Inspections, peace keepers, and other stalling tactics can buy us the time to do things right. Those good people are trying to survive; in some cases they must be soldiers to survive.  In other cases they hate us because they think we are evil; they blame us for oppressing their spirits and for their abysmal living conditions. We do not cause those problems but we can do something about them. War and homeland security are more expensive than getting clean water, functioning agriculture, some paved roads, and some respect to the people of the world who deserve it.

H--- But why should we reward their evil leaders for being evil?

D--- It is only appeasement if we give them something they do not deserve.   If we give the people of the earth a life worth living, that is not appeasement. It is common sense.

H--- Okay, you're a little preachy, but suppose I buy all this.  How do we get there from here?

D--- It will be harder after all that has gone on militarily, but the original plan is still the best shot for securing a lasting peace -- get some clean water and functioning agriculture to the people of the earth who need it, even in our enemies' territory. The task is daunting but we are the most powerful nation of good people ever; and with our might we can achieve anything we put our will to.

Win Without War

Copyright 2002, Lee Newberg. All rights reserved.