My Research contains pointers to some of my papers.

Krishnamoorthy has a number of research projects. The first is the development of a highly portable parallel C compiler which can run on a variety of current and future multiprocessor architectures. The compiler automatically detects dependencies across programming constructs and allows the codes to be executed simultaneously. Portability is achieved by developing an extremely robust intermediate code that will contain as much information as possible.

A second area of research is computations and embedding of graphs and digraphs. He has developed a software system called GraphPack to do this. GraphPack is a software system that supports a programming language, a kernel,a library and a User Interface. The User Interface consists of two windows, the textual window and a graphics window. The user can manipulate graphs using the interpreter or a mouse and pull-down menus. Various drawings (embeddings) of graphs as well as other graphical operations on graphs have been implemented. The Kernel supports primitive data structures and operations on Graphs, Sets, Lists, Stacks and Queues and provides a data-abstraction facility. The Library contains a collection of routines that could be run directly on any given graph. Krishnamoorthy also develops fast algorithms to accomplish contractions of graphs.

Another application area, which uses syntactic and combinatorial ideas is the identification of document sub-blocks by extracting the lay-out information from a scanned document page.

Finally, he is interested in general problem solving with special interests in Summation, Matrix Problems, cycles in graphs and design of combinatorial puzzles and games.