Game of Subh

Help and Rules

Our proposed game (Subh) is as follows: Let us play on a five node directed graph. Initially there are no edges in the directed graph. The players alternately add a directed edge between any pair of nodes, say u and v, provided there is no edge between u and v already, and there is no edge between v and u. The aim of the first player is to create a directed Hamiltonian cycle (i.e., a directed cycle that p asses through all the nodes of the graph once and only once). The aim of the second player is to prevent it. The game ends when the first player creates a Hamiltonian cycle and, hence, the first player wins or no more directed edges can be added and, therefore, the second player wins. (Subh is an abbreviation for Subgraph which is Hamiltonian.) The first player could use some or all of the directed edges that the second player has added to form a Hamiltonian cycle.

To Draw an edge between u and v, click on a node u with a mouse by pressing the mouse key, drag the mouse with mouse key pressed to node v.

Game Source Program

Copy of my paper in Journal of Rec reational Maths Vol.28(2), pp. 85-92, 96-97