Moorthy Juggling
I can recite from memory 139 digits of Pi (as my friend Prof. Madhav Prabhu wanted it) and juggle three balls at the same time. Here is a snapshot of it at the tail end of the Pi. Here is the video in youtube (1998) - thanks to RSVP (Rensselaer Satellite Video Program) people at that time You can hear my reciting it Sun audio or Microsoft sound .
There are also videos showing me juggling when reciting Pi. These were made possible - thanks to Office of Continuing Education at RPI. If you have comments, please let me Mukkai Krishnamoorthy know.
  1. juggle in avi (23 M) Too big? Better Quality
  2. juggle in asf (.8 M)
  3. juggle in real audio/real video (1.3 M)
  4. juggle in asf (.2 M) Poorer Quality
  5. juggle in real audio/real video (0.2 M) Poorer Quality