CSCI 4510/6510 - Distributed Systems and Algorithms - Fall 2021

General Information

Instructor: Stacy Patterson
Office Hours: TBD

TA Office Hours: TBD

Lectures: T F 12:00pm - 1:50pm

Course Description

This course explores the principles of distributed systems, emphasizing fundamental issues underlying the design of such systems: communication, coordination, synchronization, and fault-tolerance. We will study key algorithms and theoretical results and explore how these foundations play out in modern systems and applications like cloud computing, edge computing, and peer-to-peer systems.


  • CSCI-2300: Intro. to Algorithms
  • CSCI-4210: Operating Systems
  • Exams

    Exams will be held during the scheduled lecture time.


    We have created a new Docker image with Java 11. Java 8 is no longer included. This image also has Python 3 and Go. Please use the updated image for your testing:
    docker pull submittyrpi/csci4510:java-11

    Project 1 - due 9/20/21 at 11pm

    Papers and Readings

    Some papers are behind a pay wall and can only be accessed from the RPI network.

    Past Exams with Solutions