Theory of Networked Systems

CSCI 4963/6963, ISYE 4961, ECSE 4963/6960

FALL 2014

General Information

Class Time and Place: MR 12:00 - 1:50 PM, Russell Sage Laboratory 5510
Instructor: Stacy Patterson     sep AT
Office Hours: Mondays 2pm - 3pm (or by appointment) in Lally 301
Textbook: Lecture Notes on Network Systems by Francesco Bullo, pdf available on LMS (do not distribute)

-------- Lecture slides are available on LMS ---------

Course Description

Networked systems are systems composed of dynamic units that interact over a network. These systems can be used to perform team objectives with applications ranging from formation flying to distributed computation. This course will cover a variety of modeling and analysis techniques for different types of networked systems. The course will also survey recent research on real-world networked systems applications including power networks, social networks, and sensor networks.

This course will be similar in spirit to the following courses, though adapted for computer scientists. No background in controls or dynamical systems is needed.

Grading for this course will based on homework, paper presentations, and a course project.