Distributed Big Data Analytics in the Cloud

CSCI 4940 - FALL 2014

General Information

Instructor: Stacy Patterson     sep AT cs.rpi.edu
Meeting: Tuesdays 11:00am - 12:00pm in Lally 301
Students: Adam Freeman and Rory Kronmiller

Course Description

This course is an independent study, undergraduate research project in which students will (1) develop a cloud computing-based communication infrastructure for distributed big data analytics (2) implement a distributed compressed sensing algorithm on top of this infrastructure and (3) evaluate the performance of the infrastructure and algorithm in the Amazon cloud computing platform. A large part of this project involves the design and implementation of algorithms for “broadcast-convergecast” in a distributed computing environment. The students will develop novel solutions to this algorithmic design problem and evaluate their proposed solutions in a real-world cloud setting, potentially consisting of hundreds of nodes.


Experience with software design, network programming, and algorithm development. Familiarity with linear algebra.