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Review of CSCI-1200 Computer Science II, Fall 2007

Note: The title of this course has changed from "Computer Science II" to "Data Structures", but the content and structure of the course remains the same.

Review of Lecturer

Overall, good lecturer. Her lectures consist almost entirely of her reading the notes (which are however, quite good). Her in class examples are useful.

Review of TA's

TAs were extremely helpful, and for some people, were the key to their success in the course. The TAs were available and engaged, and there were a lot of them to go around. There tended to be debates over what is due at lab checkpoints. The class was divided in opinion over how strict or lenient the TAs were.

Balance of Programming, Theory, Concepts, and Math on HW and Exams

Heavy emphasis on coding (C++), little math. Also covers the STL and concentrates on coding w/o resources (compiler/docs).

Best/Worst Parts of Course

What students liked: Homeworks were interesting, as was subject material. Teacher had good style of teaching and many students enjoyed the concentration on problem solving. Students also found labs interesting, and felt that help was readily available.

What Students disliked: Homeworks, while interesting, tended to be long, difficult and time-consuming. The homeworks tend to take several hours to complete. The tests were also fairly difficult.

Advice for Future Students

Ask questions. The homeworks are very difficult, and require a lot of time to complete. Therefore, start early, and get help if you need it. You will learn C++, and get good programming experience. However, you do need a fair deal of programming knowledge to take this course (basic C++). The course has a higher pace than CSCI-1100(CS I), and an 5 on the AP exam doesn't mean you'll have an easy time. Students also recommend that students should pay attention in lectures, and have a general interest in programming. Also, some students found compiler errors difficult, and recommended that people learn how to use a debugger if they can.

Other Comments

Too much of the grade is based on coding on paper (exams). Formal office hours would be nice. Some feel class is too hard; concepts are tested before they fully sink in. There were some submission server problems.

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