CSCI 1200 Data Structures
Fall 2016

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Dec 9

Excellent work on the Homework 6 contest! Congratulations to all the prize winners.

Paint by Pairs Recursion Contest Results

Sep 20

The tests have been graded and will be handed back in lab Wednesday after you finish the 3rd checkpoint. Please thank your TAs for their hard work grading Monday and Tuesday evenings (~11 hours total!).

Stats for the exam: Max=98, Average=68.5, Standard Deviation=18.2. Approximate grades: 80&up=A, 70&up=B, 57&up=C, 45&up=D. Your semester average will be computed from the curved number score, not the approximate letter grade. These are approximate boundaries and, thus, there is still very little difference between a 79 and 80 (so don't ask for a questionable regrade for 1 point).

See the test solutions posted on the calendar. All re-grade requests must be submitted within 7 days with a written explanation of the grading discrepancy to either your lab TA or the instructor. Your entire test will be examined and your score may go up or down.

Sep 10

The sample participants output files have been updated. The previous files contained a bug in the counts.

Aug 25

Welcome to CSCI 1200 Data Structures!

We will have an optional "Install Fest" on Monday August 29th from 6-8pm in DCC 308. Bring your laptop and we'll help you walk through the instructions to download and install the software you'll need for the semester. We'll have plenty of graduate TAs and undergraduate mentors on hand to help troubleshoot if you get stuck. This will be an informal session and a chance for you to meet some of the teaching staff for the course.

If you can't join us, don't worry. Our first lab on Wednesday August 31st will help get you set up and ready for the term.

Our first official meeting will be lecture on Tuesday August 30th.