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Crash Course in C++ Syntax

We have developed a set of lessons on Submitty that aim to transition you from another programming language to C++. These exercises are targeted to students who've successfully completed Computer Science 1 at RPI and learned Python, or students who earned college credit for the Computer Science AP Test in Java, or students who have done other formal coursework in or self-taught Introductory Programming.
All Students registered for CSCI 1200 Data Structures, Fall 2020 have been added to this second (not for credit, not for a grade) Submitty course. Contact the instructor if you do not have access.

The problems were designed by members of the teaching staff with years of experience working one-on-one with Data Structures students and highlight some of the common C++ syntax that trip up new C++ programmers. We recommend you read through the material and work through the problems during the first week or two of Data Structures. However, note that these exercises are completely optional and will not be used to compute your final grade in Data Structures.

Some of these exercises are rather subtle. You many need to study the code carefully to spot the differences. Carefully reading code is an essential skill for all programmers. If a specific problem has stumped you, please ask a member of the teaching staff in office hours.

Note: The exercises in the Crash Course for C++ Syntax are NOT typical of the problems you will see on the Data Structures tests and the final exam. The Data Structures test questions will not focus on "tricks" of C++ syntax, but rather on bigger picture, fundamental concepts of Data Structures theory and practice.

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