CSCI 4960/6960 Interactive Visualization
Fall 2014

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Assignment #1: Inspirational Visualization Images

We are surrounded by examples of visualization in every form of media in our everyday lives. An effective visualization will quickly and accurately convey important information in a compact manner that is easy to understand, interpret, and analyze. In contrast, a poor quality visualization can be confusing, hard to interpret, or even misleading.

Why are you interested in taking this course, "Interactive Visualization"? What visualization images have you seen recently that are particularly inspiring to you? Find two example visualization images -- one example that you think is a great visualization and one example that you think needs significant revision to be more effective. Please limit yourself to single static image visualizations for this assignment. For each example write a paragraph or two describing:

  1. The author (appropriately detailed bibliographic citation), context, original media format, audience, and purpose of the visualization

  2. Your analysis of the positive and negative aspects of each example and how it could be improved, and

  3. Any generalizations you can make about what makes for a compelling, high-quality visualization.

Be sure to draw insights from this week's readings and in-class discussions in your analysis as appropriate.

Target Visualization Stage: (varied) Analysis & Validation, Visualization Design, Motivation & Problem Definition, Presentation, Visualization Revision

How to Submit

  1. Log on to LMS and upload the two images and your writeup to the "Assignment #1 Inspirational Visualization Images" discussion. Also be sure to look at your fellow students' posts and make comments. Send email to the instructor if you cannot access the course page in LMS.

  2. Also, zip & upload the above materials plus a plaintext README.txt using the provided template to the homework server.