CSCI 4960/6960 Interactive Visualization
Fall 2014

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Course Overview

Visualizing data is a key step in understanding many problems. This course is designed to introduce students to methods of visualizing many different types of data, such as images, 3D surfaces, flow fields, and medical data. We will use software such as OpenGL and Visualization Toolkit (VTK) to demonstrate these techniques. Course activities include weekly homework assignments, in-class critiques of visualization artifacts, and a final project to explore creative uses of these techniques. This course is open to both undergraduates and graduate students from all disciplines and skill levels.


C++ programming experience (equivalent to CSCI 1200 Data Structures) is required.

Learning Outcomes

Students who have successfully completed this course will be able to:
  • Analyze, interpret, and evaluate a specific visualization example and discuss how the visualization might be improved for more accurate interpretation or communication of patterns in the data.

  • Select or design an effective visualization strategy for a variety of different types of data.

  • Create a visualization of a new dataset using available open-source visualization resources.

  • Use visualization to communicate results of experiments and research in their field of study.

  • Incorporate visualization for debugging and improved program development or experimental data analysis in their field of study.