CSCI 4960/6960 Interactive Visualization
Fall 2014

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Assignment #5: Experimenting with Color

The task for this week is to experiment with color for visualization a single dataset. After selecting a dataset and a general visualization style, generate a large collection of plots, using a variety of different color and texture schemes. For example:

  • Shades of grey
  • Black & white
  • Light vs. dark background
  • Colorblind aware (e.g., red/green)
  • Many colors: cool vs. warm tones, etc.
  • etc.

For each plot, spend a bit of time tuning the visualization to make the data as clear as possible to facilitate data analysis. For each plot, write a paragraph analyzing the effectiveness of the visualization. Also compare the visualizations to each other with respect to the overall motivation and target audience of the visualization.

If you haven't already used 2 new (to you!) visualization toolkits this semester, you are highly encouraged to also try out something new.

Target Visualization Stage: Visualization Revision (primary), and Design & Presentation (secondary)

How to Submit

  1. First, make a post to the LMS discussion. The post should include a description of the data, the collection & parsing & organizing process, the visualization design, the visualization toolkit used, the identified challenges in work with high dimensional data, and the steps prepare this data for a reduced dimension visualization. The post should include images/links with the visualization results.

  2. Separately, each student should zip & upload the same material PLUS a plaintext README.txt (using the provided template) and any source code you wrote to the homework server. (You do not need to submit a complete buildable software project, just submit source code/scripts you wrote). Do not try to submit the dataset! But include a small sample of the data as appropriate in your writeup.