CSCI 4960/6960 Interactive Visualization
Fall 2014

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Assignment #8: Final Project Ideas

For the remainder of the term, you will pick an appropriately-sized visualization challenge that involves all (or most) of the steps in visualization:

  • Motivation & Problem Definition
  • Visualization Design
  • Data Collection
  • Visualization Execution
  • Analysis & Validation
  • Visualization Revision
  • Presentation

You are encouraged to work on the Final Project in a team of 2. Your project should involve a significant amount of coding, but you should leverage one or more visualization or graphics-related software packages or toolkits.

For this week, focus on the high level motivation, purpose and hypotheses, target audience, and data source for your project. What are the expected challenges in creating this visualization? And what are they key features of your visualization that you are most interested in exploring?

Write 200-300 words capturing your ideas for your final project. Teams should work together in preparing this initial proposal and all future documents & presentations.

How to Submit

    1. Post your final project ideas to LMS. Include attachments or links with images and/or references (if you have them). If you're working on a team, make one joint post, including the names of both teammates. Please make this post before 6pm on Monday Oct 20th.

    2. Read the posts of the other students, and give constructive feedback to at least 3 other students/teams (by replying to their post on LMS). Ask a question, give a suggestion, post a link to a related paper or visualization, suggest a toolkit or additional source for data, etc. (If you're working in a team, each teammate should make their own feedback replies. You cannot give feedback to your own team.) Please make your feedback replies before class on Tuesday Oct 21st at noon. Try to distribute your feedback so everyone gets at least 3 replies.