CSCI 4960/6960 Interactive Visualization
Fall 2014

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Assignment #9: Final Project Proposal

In your own words, summarize the feedback you received from your classmates. Be sure your proposal writeup answers their questions and incorporates (as appropriate and feasible and by your choice) their suggestions. Your proposal should also address the questions below:

  • Who is your target audience?

  • What is your central research question? What is your hypothesis for your data?

  • Story board your initial visualization design ideas. How will the visualization allow you to answer your research question and confirm (or disprove) your hypothesis? What different design choices can you make to ensure your visualization is effective? How about to ensure your visualization is memorable? What interaction do you envision for your visualization?

  • What is your step-by-step list of tasks for this homework? What are the core tasks that must be completed to accomplish a basic visualization? What are the additional tasks that you will tackle as time allows? If it helps, think about organizing your tasks into these categories:

    • Motivation & Problem Definition
    • Visualization Design
    • Data Collection
    • Visualization Execution
    • Analysis & Validation
    • Visualization Revision
    • Presentation
  • If this is a continuation or extension of a project you have already worked on (in this course, in another course, for your research, or in your spare time): What is the current status of that project? Indicate which pieces are significantly new or large extensions to your previous/ongoing work.

  • If this is a team project: What is the initial plan for division of labor?

  • Risks & Limitations: What are the uncertainties in your proposal? What steps are critical to the success of your project but might not work out despite your best intentions and hard work? What's your backup plan? Even if your plan goes perfectly, what are the limitations of your project, what sorts of data will be remain outside the scope of your technical implementation.

  • Find and summarize at least 2 traditional technical references (ideally academic papers or books) that will guide your project. Teams of 2 should aim for at least 3-4 technical references.

    Check out IEEE Visualization (InfoVis & SciVis), IEEE Transactions of Visualization and Computer Graphics, and Ken-Sen Huang's index of graphics conference papers (and many others). Note: You may need to be on RPI's VPN and/or use the RPI Libraries RensSearch to access many of these papers.

    Find other reference material, data sources, and other inspiration or background material. Create a bibliography for your project (using proper bibliographic format).

How to Submit

  • Submit your revised and more formal final project proposal writeup to the homework submission server.