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Undergraduate Advising

For undergraduate questions, please review the information at this URL: (or Google "rpi computer science").

Also see Meaghan Potter (AE 119) or visit the School of Science Hub in J-Rowl 1C12 during normal business hours; the Hub URL is

Finally, please see your assigned academic advisor; he or she is there to help answer any questions that you have.

Arch Course Offerings for Summer 2018

Most Summer 2018 course offerings are 12-week courses; click here for the full summer class hour schedule. If you are looking for CSCI 1100 Computer Science I or CSCI 4800 Numerical Computing, click here for the class hour schedule for the latter half of the summer.

Also feel free to click here for preliminary course descriptions.

Courses - Spring 2018

  • Tanenbaum Text CSCI 4210 - Operating Systems
    CSCI 6140 - Computer Operating Systems
    Mon/Thu 10:00-11:50AM (DCC 318)
    » course web site
  • Rosen Text CSCI 2200
    Foundations of Computer Science
    Mon/Thu 4:00-5:50PM (Sage 3303)
    » course web site

RCOS - Spring 2018