Boleslaw K. Szymanski

  • NS CTA

    A collaborative partnership between the US Army Research Laboratories and a consortium of industries and universities in the US.

  • ITA

    A collaborative partnership between the US Army Research Laboratories, the UK Ministry of Defense and a consortium of US and UK industries and universities.

  • MilkyWay@home

    A research project that uses Internet-connected computers to do research in determining the evolution of the Milkyway galaxy.

  • MetPetDB

    A research project that developed a database for metamorphic petrology for use by a global community of metamorphic petrologists.

  • IOS

    A distributed middleware framework that provides support for dynamic reconfiguration of large-scale distributed applications.

  • GMLE

    A distributed generic maximum likelihood evaluator implemented in the MPI/C and SALSA/Java programming languages.

  • Parallel Toolkit for Community Quality Metrics

    Software for a Parallel Toolkit for Community Quality Metrics, including modularity Q and modularity density Qds for researchers interested in in community detection.

  • FineTuned Community Detection Algorithm

    Software for a novel fine-tuned community detection algorithm (FineTunedAlg) which optimizes modularity density for the given network.

  • GANXiS Community Detection Tools

    Software for a fast algorithm, GANXiS, for detecting both disjoint and overlapping communities in social networks (undirected/directed and unweighted/weighted).


    Software for an efficient and powerful sensor network simulator that is also easy to use and extend by adding new components.

  • Object-Oriented Programming in Fortran90

    A guide to concepts and methods for Object-Oriented Programming using Fortran90 to modernize legacy parallel codes.