CSCI 4530/6530 Advanced Computer Graphics
Spring 2017

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Academic Integrity


Your grade in this course will be determined as follows:

All components of the class are graded on a curve. What does this mean? The homeworks will contain challenging problems and the grade breakdown will likely be lower than the typical 90%=A, 80%=B, etc. We will give approximate grade breakdowns for the each assignment as the course progresses so you may gauge your performance. Grades will be posted on Submitty.

Note: You must have a passing average on each separate component (homeworks, final project, quizzes, readings, and exercises) in order to pass the course.


We will have 2 in-class quizzes covering the lecture material and readings.

In-Class Participation

Attendance and participation in lecture is an important component of the course. You are expected to regularly attend lecture, ask questions, and join in the in-class and on-line discussions.

Laptop / Tablet / Smart Phone Policy

Laptops, tablet computers, smart phones, and other internet-connected devices are not allowed to be used in lecture. The lectures are intended to be discussion-intensive and students who have their head stuck in a laptop -- reading email, checking social media, other non-course-related websurfing, coding (even if it is ACG homework!), or playing games -- are not sufficiently engaged in lecture. An exception to this policy is during the discussion of the day's assigned paper: Students may use their laptop/tablet to view an electronic version of the paper. Other exceptions to this policy are negotiable; please see the instructor in office hours.