Miscellaneous Items

  1. Here are knuth's reward checks over the last three decades (1980's, 1990's and 2000's)
  2. My Erdos Number:
  3. I have enjoyed for the past several years coaching middle school and high school students in mathematics. From 2001 onwards, I have been associated with Albany area Math Circle , a fantastic group of students.
  4. I wrote two Tamil poems ( link to first and link to second ) A well known musicologist was kind enough to perform the first song in a private house concert and I have his recordings.
  5. My notes on Vedic Mathematics
  6. I construct puzzles and develop games mostly as a hobby. Two former colleagues and I have a patent on an electronic music puzzle toy. Here is a y2k puzzle pieces that two of my friends and I made. We sold only one piece so far.This puzzle was done for 175th year celebration of RPI.. This is a clueless crossword for young adults (4th and 5th grade in elementray school) puzzle (to fill in numbers one, two,..., twenty) was done for fun. I did one Sudoku for pan IIT magazine and one resistor problem for RPI Science magazine.
  7. My juggling and Pi.
  8. During 1997-1999, I was translating Thirukkural (Tamil poems) into English for broadcast in the Tamil Osai segment of WRPI (student run radio station at RPI) . My listener base was shrinking and so, I discontinued after translating around 70 chapters (out of 133 chapters - each chapter has 10 poems).
  9. I am asosciated with Pallavi (organization devoted to South Indian Classical Music and Dance) from 1996 in various capacities.