Rensselaer's Chapter of UPE


Upsilon Pi Epsilon is working hard on a number of different projects to improve the experience of students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Please review our projects below and contact us if you are interested in assisting in their development.

Undergraduate Open Computer Lab

This semester, UPE is working in conjunction with the CS department on converting the UPE room (AE 117) into a computer lab open for all Undergraduate students at RPI. The lab will have powerful computers and mobile devices for students to learn on outside the classroom.

Club Hosting Resources

UPE provides rack space in Amos Eaton for technology-oriented groups and projects on campus looking for hosting.

Essentials for Computer Science lectures

A set of lectures created to give students core materials for developing their skills as computer scientists. These lectures are presented semesterly to anyone interested but are available online for review by anyone.

Programming Competition Grading Server

This server powers the RCOS/ACM/UPE semesterly programming competitions. Participants submit solutions to a variety of problems and the server evaluates their algorithms by testing them against a number of input conditions, checking for correctness and time efficiency.