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Current Students & Postdocs

Bülent Yener





Nimit Dhulekar (PhD Candidate)

Research interests include image processing, computer vision and time-based image analysis.




Jeremy Blackthorne (PhD Candidate)

Research interests include provably secure software obfuscation and tamper-resistance.



Andrew Zonenberg (PhD Candidate)

Research interests (among many) include security and privacy, embedded systems.



Aritra Chowdhury (PhD Candidate)

Research interests include data mining and applications of machine learning in biomedical image processing.



Brennan Cozzens (MS Candidate)

Research interests include computer security.



Jacob Shedd (MS Candidate)

Research interests include exploring and analyzing the behavior and patterns of out of order executions. Manipulating them to create a covert channel that can be deployed in the cloud environment. Discussing the optimization and security of this channel.



Alexei Bulazel (MS Candidate)

Alexei is working on developing ways of fingerprinting commercial automated malware analysis systems. Contemporary techniques used in detecting analysis environments are discovered through heuristic trial and error testing, and Alexei is working on formalizing a method of conducting automated fingerprinting to avoid this painful process.



Sophia D'Antoine (MS Candidate)

Research interests include cross-vm covert channels and cloud security.





Former Students and Postdocs




Basak Oztan, PhD

Worked on image processing and classification of cell-graphs.




Cagri Ozcaglar (PhD Candidate)

Worked on clustering tuberculosis strains using multiple-biomarker tensors and visualization of tuberculosis data via spoligoforests and patient-strain graphs. Currently a Research Scientist at Amazon.


Banu Baydil, PhD

Worked on cell-graph modeling. Currently she is a Lecturer at the University of Maine.



Cemal Cagatay Bilgin (PhD, May 2011)

Worked on tissue modeling and classification based on the Cell-Graphs approach.Research interests include image processing, graph theory, and machine learning.Currently he is a Senior Researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.





Matt Edman (PhD, May 2011)

Worked on security and privacy systems; more specifically on the design and analysis of anonymous communication schemes. Currently he works at Bloomberg






Evrim Acar (PhD, May 2008)

Worked on multiway data analysis with an application on epileptic seizure localization. Currently with University of Copenhagen





Fikret Sivrikaya PhD

Worked time synchronization and routing problems in wireless networks. Currently with DAI Labs TUB. Berlin, Germany





Seyit Ahmet Camtepe (PhD, May 2007)

Graduated with a doctoral thesis on "Key Distribution Problems in Wireless Sensor Networks". Currently he is a Lecturer at Queensland University of Technology.





Cigdem (Gunduz) Demir (PhD, December 2005)

Graduated with a doctoral thesis on automated cancer diagnosis  based on the Cell-Graphs. Currently she is an Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering at Bilkent University, Turkey.






Shiwen Chen (PhD, May 1999)

Graduated with a doctoral thesis on a reliable group multicasting. Currently a researcher at Broadcom.