CSCI 1200 - Fall 2006
Computer Science II
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Required book: Koenig and Moo, Accelerated C++, Addison-Wesley

Optional book: D.S. Malik, C++ Programming,Thomson Learning

The course will primarily follow the first book, which is quite dense. The second book covers some of the same material, especially the basics of C++, but much more comprehensively, with many examples and at a slower pace. This second book should be purchased if you are not comfortable with the basics of C++ or if you need extra examples to learn new material.

Web Resources

There are also two very good websites you should find helpful:
    The STL (standard template library) programmer's guide at SGI is a good resource for questions about vectors, lists, maps, etc.

    This is an organized summary of the most important FAQ's that have appeared on the C++ newsgroups. Both beginning and advanced students can benefit from it.

Feel free to search for and share other web resources.

Drop in Tutoring

In addition to the TA Office Hours, you may also want to check out:

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