CSCI 1200 - Spring 2006
Computer Science II
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Homework ( Submit Here )

 Please see the Calendar for the homework assignments.

Please use the provided template for your README.txt file. This will make it easier for the TAs to grade. Thank you!



Due Date and Time

 Assignments will generally be due Thursday nights at 11:59:59pm. Submission will be electronic and submission times will be judged from the timestamp given by the web server; that is, our clock, not yours. If it is one minute late, it is a day late, so I suggest that you donít actually wait until 11:59 to send your homework, just to be on the safe side. Refer class policies for discussion of late days.

Electronic Submission

 Follow the instructions VERY carefully! To submit your homework, first make sure that the file you are submitting satisfies all of the requirements found in the homework description. Then click the submission link above. You will need your RPI login/password to access this page. Use the browse button to select which file you want to submit and press the Send File button only once. If you have more than one file, please zip them up first and send the zip file. You do not need to worry about identifying your submission with any kind of special naming scheme (other than the file names you have used), and you donít need to inform your TA ó all of that is taken care of automatically. You will either get a message confirming your submission or an error message advising you of a submission requirement you failed to adhere to. If, after submitting, you find a mistake in your homework, you can fix it and re-submit using the same procedure as before. We will only grade the most recent submission. You do not have to do anything special for resubmissions.


  You may use any C++ compiler you wish for this course, but your submitted code must run under either the latest Microsoft Visual Studio compiler or under gcc 3.x (3.3 is standard on Mac laptops). In the comments in your code, please indicate which compiler you used to test your program. This will be important for checking mistakes. When you submit your program, use the radio buttons to select the compiler you use for the homework.

  Refer to the Homework Guidelines distributed with the syllabus on the first day of class for further information about due dates, submission and grading policy that will be in force throughout the semester.
  Make sure you read and follow the Integrity Statement in the same document. It applies to all Homeworks/Programming Assignments.