CSCI 1200 - Spring 2006
Computer Science II
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Class Policies
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Class Policies

See also the course syllabus & homework information handout for this and more information.

Requirements and Grading

 Semester requirements will include a combination of labs, homeworks, and exams. The weights in determining the semester average are as follows:
 Labs: 15%
 Homeworks: 30%
 Tests: 35%
 Final: 20%

Lab Assignments

 There will be 14 labs, essentially one each week. Labs will be graded on a scale of 1-3, depending on the amount and quality of work completed. Labs will be designed so that students who work diligently can earn all 3 points. Students must attend their assigned lab sections unless prior permission has been given. Lab instructions and a subset of the lab problems will be posted on the course website on the Tuesday afternoon after lecture. Additional problems will be distributed at the start of the lab. Note that students should take the Koenig and Moo textbook and recent lecture notes to lab.


  Homework assigments will be made available via the course web site on Thursday mornings. Generally, they will be due the following Thursday, 7 days later, by 11:59:59pm. Some assignments, especially later in the semester, will have a two-week duration. For the most part, homeworks will be programming problems. Submission will be done electronically. See the Homework Guidelines handout for more details.

Homework Late Policy

  Assignments will be due Thursday nights at 11:59pm. Submission will be electronic and submission times will be judged from the timestamp given by the web server; that is, our clock, not yours. If it is one minute late, it is a day late, so we suggest that you don't actually wait until 11:59 to send your homework, just to be on the safe side.
  Each student will be given three days (whole or partial) of grace for late homework assignments. These grace days should be used carefully, and no more than two may be used for any one assignment. Once the late days have been exhausted, late assignments will not be accepted without a written excuse from the Dean of Students' office. As an example, if student BG submits his/her 1st assigment 26 hours late, BG will have used two late days and have only one day left. If BG then submits another assignment 5 hours late, BG will have used his/her last late day. If BG then submits a 3rd assignment 1 minute late, it will not be accepted. Students should use their late days carefully, saving them for the latter part of the semester or (better yet) not using them at all.


 Three tests will be given during the semester, with 5% of the semester average assigned for the worst test grade (for each individual student) and 15% for each of the other two. The cumulative final, given during finals week, will be worth 20%. This assigns 55% of the semester average for tests. In addition, students must have an overall passing average in order to pass the course.

Academic Integrity

 Copying, communicating or using disallowed materials during an exam is cheating, of course. Students caught cheating on an exam will receive an F in the course and will be reported to the Dean of Students office. Students are allowed to assist each other in labs, but must write their own lab solutions. Academic integrity on programming assignments is a complicated issue. It is addressed in a separate statement handed out during the first lecture.
 Refer to the Rensselaer Handbook for further discussion of academic dishonesty.