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Feb 17

As a reminder we will be following a Monday schedule on Tuesday. Office hours will similarly follow the Monday schedule.

Feb 16

For other homeworks we usually allow you to help each other debug. But as we will mention in lecture today, Homework 4 is all about the actual debugging. So do not discuss how you debugged any of the code with other students. You are free to explain how to use tools like Dr. Memory, Valgrind, gdb, etc. but you may not instruct your peers in what they need to do to pinpoint a particular bug for this assignment.

This is mainly an assignment about using debugging tools, reading pre-writtencode, and understanding syntax, with more of a writeup than usual.

Feb 11

Due to a doctor's appointment moving, Professor Holzbauer will be unable to hold his normal Monday office hours this week (Feb 12th). He will instead hold them from 11am-1pm on that Monday. They will still be in Amos Eaton 205.

Feb 7

The gradesheet has been updated to be current as of Tuesday night, including iClicker registrations. Exam 1 grades have been added to the grade sheet.

Exam 1 has been graded, please thank your TAs for all their hard work. Between Monday and Tuesday, they spent 13 hours grading. Exams can be viewed on Submitty. The solutions are posted on the Calendar, review them before requesting a regrade. Regrade requests must be done in person. Here is who you should contact for regrades on specific questions:

Q1.1/1.2: Chelsea
Q1.2: Ian
Q1.3: Josh
Q2.1: Cameron Q2.2: Ayushi
Q3: Cameron
Q4: Jianhui / Weiran

The exam 1 statistics were as follows: Max=97, Average=68.59, Standard Deviation=16.70, Approximate grades: 80&up=A, 70&up=B, 60&up=C, 50&up=D.

The letters are approximations, they are not a guarantee of semester letter grades.

Feb 3

The practice problem solutions for the first test are now posted on the course calendar.

Feb 1

Exam 1 seating is posted. If you log into Submitty and look at the top of s18 Data Structures, you should see a green box with your assigned room, row, seat, and time. There should also be an image that shows the room and the zoning. Make sure you know for Monday which room you should go to.

A few of you may have "SEE INSTRUCTOR" instead of a row/seat, in that case just show up to DCC 308 and we will give you a seat at that time.

Jan 31

Lab 3 Extension and HW2 Clarification

Some sections had more difficulty with Lab 3 than others. I've heard a lot of reports of Checkpoint 1 half the lab, the check queue not being finished, but also reports of the lab going fine. We'll be evaluating if this was a one time thing or if we need to adjust staffing. You can turn in Lab 3 at the beginning of your Wednesday February 7th lab, or during your TA's office hours anytime through Friday February 9th.

Some students are confused about Homework 2's requirements. You must make a custom statistic, several suggestions are in the handout. The optional part is doing something creative/interesting; that can earn you extra credit.

Jan 31

Mentor Andrea has put together a helpful guide for debugging and getting help in the course. You can view it here.

Jan 30

I fixed the Lab 3 issue a little bit ago, but I figured it's probably best to make an announcement given the number of students who have... noticed. You may need to refresh the Calendar page.

Jan 30

ALAC and UPE (the Computer Science honor society) are holding a review session this Sunday, February 4th, in CII 4050 from 4pm-6pm.

Jan 23

For those who might have missed it, starting tomorrow (Wednesday, January 24th), ALAC will have hours from 7-9pm. You can find the location on the course website under the Weekly Schedule. Keep in mind that on the schedule they visually look like they're from 8-10pm, but they're really 7-9pm. Yes this does overlap with our office hours, but that should help with some of the crowding - if our office hours look too busy you can wait around or try ALAC.

Jan 3

Welcome to CSCI 1200 Data Structures!

We will do our best to post announcements both to Piazza and as they come up. For questions about homeworks, labs, coding, etc. you can post to the discussion forums on Piazza (linked in the sidebar).

If you have a question that requires an instructor response, such as scheduling a meeting, excused absences, etc. you should instead e-mail . If you have a grading question, e-mail the graduate TA for your lab section or the TA who graded your homework assignment before trying to contact the instructors. E-mails sent directly to Professor Holzbauer may have a delayed response.

We will have an optional "Install Fest" on Monday January 15th, from 6-8pm in DCC 308. Bring your laptop and we'll help you walk through the instructions to download and install the software you'll need for the semester. We'll have plenty of graduate TAs and undergraduate mentors on hand to help troubleshoot if you get stuck. This will be an informal session and a chance for you to meet some of the teaching staff for the course.

If you can't join us, don't worry. Our first lab on Wednesday January 17th will help get you set up and ready for the term.

Our first official meeting will be lecture on Tuesday January 16th.

We're still getting the site set up for this semester, so until classes start, some information might be out of date.