CSCI 1200 Data Structures
Spring 2018

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iClickers in Lecture

We will be using iClickers during lecture (Tuesdays & Fridays) to increase participation and engagement in lectures and allow the instructor to accurately gauge student understanding & absorption of the material. iClicker lecture exercises will be clearly identified in lecture as either "individual" or "collaborative". For collaborative questions you are encouraged to discuss the problem with the students sitting around you.

iClicker Participation Incentives

iClicker lecture exercises will not be directly factored into the semester grade. However, as an incentive for participation and correct answers to these exercises, students will be able to earn extra homework late days and priority TA/mentor help during crowded office hours.

We will generally have 4-6 iClicker questions per lecture. Participation in a poll question (no correct answer) is worth 1.0 points. A correct answer on a non-poll question is worth 1.0 points. An incorrect answer on a non-poll question is worth 0.5 points. No answer on either a poll or non-poll question is 0.0 points.

For each 25.0 iClicker points earned, you will receive an extra homework late day. Earned late days may not be applied to previous homeworks.

During busy office hours, students who have strong iClicker participation from the most recent lectures (at least 75% of the points from the last 3-4 lectures) will be eligible for the "Priority Help Queue".

Where to get an iClicker

Students who participate in the Rensselaer Mobile Computing Package receive iClickers as part of that package. The Campus Computer Store sells iClickers. Note: Any version of the clicker remote hardware is sufficient (we only use the ABCDE buttons).

You may borrow or buy a used iClicker from another student who does not need their iClicker this semester. You may not "share" an iClicker with another student in Data Structures this semester.

You are responsible for bringing your iClicker to lecture with live batteries. Carrying backup batteries is highly recommended.

iClicker Registration

When you answer a question during lecture, the iClicker transmits its "Remote ID" along with the your chosen response to the instructor's receiver and recording software. To receive credit for your answers, you must register your Remote ID with your RCS ID through the Submitty interface. You do NOT need to register your iclicker with for this course.

Note: Your "Remote ID", is the number adjacent to the battery access panel on the back of the iClicker. We suggest you record your iClicker serial number and keep it in several safe places. If your serial number has worn away and is unreadable, take your iClicker remote to the VCC help desk and they can tell you the Remote ID.

Academic Dishonesty

iClickers responses will be used to earn incentives for the Data Structures course. Responding to questions with another individual's iClicker constitutes academic dishonesty. If we find anyone using an iClicker that is registered to another individual or using more than one iClicker during lecture, we will confiscate all iClickers involved and report the incident to the Dean of Students.

iClicker GO / WebClicker is not supported at RPI

iClicker GO / WebClicker is an app for smartphones, etc., that is advertised on the iClicker site. However, due to robustness and network issues with this more recent product, RPI does NOT support iClicker Go / WebClicker. You must have the iClicker remote hardware to participate in iClicker exercises.