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TA Assignments By Course - Fall 2013

CSCI-1010 Intro to Computer ProgrammingBailie/SchochPrabhu, Anirudh
CSCI-1100 Computer Science IStewartBrown, Scott
CSCI-1100 Computer Science IStewartParham, Jason
CSCI-1100 Computer Science IStewartPeveler, Matthew
CSCI-1100 Computer Science IStewartChowdhury, Aritra
CSCI-1100 Computer Science IStewartEspinoza, Max
CSCI-1100 Computer Science IStewartWeideman, Hendrik
CSCI-1100 Computer Science IStewartFerritto, Matthew
CSCI-1100 Computer Science I (50%)StewartMcDaniel, Dean
CSCI-1190 Beginning Programming for EngineersTodd/WilsonImai, Shigeru
CSCI-1200 Data StructuresCutlerKlockowski, Richard
CSCI-1200 Data StructuresCutlerXu, Jun
CSCI-1200 Data StructuresCutlerNordhauser, Rebecca
CSCI-2200 Foundations of Computer ScienceGoldschmidtHughes, David
CSCI-2200 Foundations of Computer Science (50%)GoldschmidtMcDaniel, Dean
CSCI-2200 Foundations of Computer ScienceGoldschmidtIqbal, Ridwan
CSCI-2200 Foundations of Computer ScienceGoldschmidtZhang, Yudong
CSCI-2300 Intro. To AlgorithmsGoldschmidtLi, Yueyue
CSCI-2300 Intro. To AlgorithmsGoldschmidtLu, Ying
CSCI-2300 Intro. To AlgorithmsGoldschmidtWang, Jielei
CSCI-2500 Computer OrganizationLiuZeng, Ledong
CSCI-2500 Computer OrganizationLiuZhang, Boliang
CSCI-2961 Programming in PythonMehtaPeng, Mengzhu
CSCI-4050 Computability and ComplexityGoldbergBriggs, Lily
CSCI-4100 Machine LearningMagdon-IsmailLi, Haiqiong
CSCI-4150 Artificial IntelligenceMacDonaldStejko, Yuriy
CSCI-4210 Operating SystemsEberbachRastogi, Nidhi
CSCI-4210 Operating SystemsEberbachGhosh, Rikhiya
CSCI-4210 Operating Systems (50%)EberbachZonenberg, Andrew
CSCI-4380 Database SystemsAdaliLiu, Yue
CSCI-4380 Database SystemsAdaliSargunaraj, Ranjani
CSCI-4430 Programming LanguagesMilanovaBabbitt, William
CSCI-4430 Programming LanguagesMilanovaDong, Yao
CSCI-4440 Software Design and DocumentationSturmanGutierrez, Louis
CSCI-4440 Software Design and DocumentationSturmanWolfe, Noah
CSCI-4971 Cryptography and Network Security (50%)YenerZonenberg, Andrew
CSCI-4975 Intro to Computational FinanceMagdon-IsmailHegde, Kshiteesh