CSCI 4972/6963 - Spring 2007
Advanced Computer Graphics
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Apr 18The quizzes have been graded. The average was 34, standard deviation 8.
Approximate grades for Quiz 2: 37&up=A, 24&up=B. HW3: 17&up=A, 15&up=B. HW4: 17&up=A, 15&up=B.
Mar 13There's a bug in Face::RandomPoint(). The correct line is:
Vec3f answer = s*t*a + s*(1-t)*b + (1-s)*t*d + (1-s)*(1-t)*c;
Mar 13There is not agreement between platforms on the existence of constants HUGE or MAX_FLOAT. The value just needs to be larger than the longest ray traced through the scene (e.g. 1000 should be good enough).
Mar 12Homework 4 is posted. The assignment is due on March 22nd and we will accept extra credit through March 27th.
Mar 2Graded quizzes will be handed back in lecture today. The average was 36, standard deviation 8.
Approximate grades for Quiz 1: 36&up=A, 27&up=B. HW1: 18&up=A, 15&up=B. HW2: 17&up=A, 15&up=B.
Feb 25You may bring 1 8.5x11 inch piece of paper (double sided) with handwritten or typed notes for use during the quiz.
Feb 13 The second part of HW3 has been posted. Note the new due date. The quiz on Feb 27th will cover the lecture material on cloth and fluid simulations, so don't procrastinate too long on the homework.
Feb 13 New lecture room: Jonsson-Rowland Science Center 2C13, starting Friday Feb 16th. Same time: Tues/Fri noon-1:30ish.
Feb 12 The first part of HW3 (cloth simulation) has been posted. The second part (fluid simulation) will be posted as soon as I'm confident there aren't bugs in my solution. Fluid simulation is hard!! :) I will also push back the deadline of this homework by a couple days. Check back for updates
Feb 6 HW2 Warning: Don't try to edit an edge or triangle to point to a different vertex. This will mess up how they are hashed for storage. Instead delete and re-create these elements as necessary.
Feb 6 Please follow the submission directions exactly and submit a zip file that contains a folder named "hw2" (this helps us automate grading). Also, please be sure to submit a file named "README.txt" describing your extensions, known bugs, time to complete assignment, and collaboration.
Jan 28 If you're seeing errors about glutCreateWindow being called before glutInit, add this line at the start of your main function:
  glutInit(&argc, argv);
Jan 23Notes for getting GL/glut to work on Windows: The default install of Cygwin on the RPI laptop is not complete for development. Here's a writeup of how to re-install Cygwin if necessary.

Then look in the directory /lib/w32api/ for the files libgl32.a, libglu32.a, and libglut32.a and in the directory /usr/include/w32api/GL for the files gl.h, glu.h, and glut.h.

If you have .lib files, but not .a files, try this in your Makefile (adjust paths as necessary for your system):

# Cygwin with native Windows libraries, using .lib files from vstudio and glut download
cygwin_noa: VCLIB_PATH      = /c/PROGRA~1/VSNET.2K3/Vc7/PlatformSDK/Lib
cygwin_noa: GLUTLIB_PATH    = /c/GLUT
cygwin_noa: CC              = g++ -g -O3 -Wall -pedantic
cygwin_noa: INCLUDE_PATH    = -I/usr/include/w32api
cygwin_noa: LIB_PATH        = -L/usr/lib/w32api
cygwin_noa: LIBS            = -lm ${VCLIB_PATH}/OPENGL32.LIB ${VCLIB_PATH}/GLU32.LIB ${GLUTLIB_PATH}/glut32.lib
cygwin_noa: all
Jan 16First day of class.