CSCI 4972/6963 - Spring 2007
Advanced Computer Graphics
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Final Projects

Academic Integrity

Spring 2007 Final Projects

Dan Tracy

Creating a Foundation for a Snowboarding Video Game
Jake Stookey

Interactive Weathering of Materials
Timothy Hoff

Clounds, Fog, and Smoke
Cameron Fischer

Ragdoll Physics
Gabe Mulley & Matt Bittarelli

Hypermetablobbies: Define Syrup in Higher Dimensions in Six Easy Lessons
Avi Kelman

Optimization Techniques in the Implementation of a Radiosity Solver With Dynamic Point Lighting
Daniel West

Ray Tracing with Participating Media
Rylan Collins

Cloth System Extension: Collision Volumes and Self-Intersection
Matthew Loehr

3d Space Viewing Portals and their Implementation through OpenGL Stencil Buffers
Michael Pratt

Illumination Driven Plant Generation
Max Schnur

Visualization of Binary Space Partition Trees
Casey Shields

3D Cel Shading with Projected Shadows
Justin Slowik

Integration and Visualization of Large Range Models
Eric Smith & Jacob Becker

Distribution Ray Tracing
Brandon Williams

Surface Compression using Over-determined Laplacian Approximation
Zhongyi Xie

Interactive Rendering of Advanced Fenestration Materials for Architectural Design
Yu Sheng

Catching a Ball with Inverse Kinematics
George Schneeloch
Here are the Final Project Guidelines.