CSCI-4973 - Spring 2012
Introduction to Visualization
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March 28 Schedule change: Barb's office hours on Thursday the 29th are from 10am-1:30pm.
Feb 6 We've switched rooms! Starting this week (Feb 8) we'll meet in Sage 2510 (same time).
Feb 1 The homework submission instructions have been updated on the website. Please submit your complete hw1 assignment (including README & complete citation information for images).
Jan 30 Tuesday February 7th is "Data Day" in EMPAC's Theater (the second-largest venue in EMPAC). Starting at 2pm, the space will be open to the Rensselaer research community to view their images, visualizations, animations, renderings, etc. in very large, high-res projection.
Jan 25 If you weren't auto-added by the registrar to the LMS site for this course, please email the instructor to be added.
Jan 25 Assignment 1 has been posted on the calendar.
       Welcome to CSCI 4972: Introduction to Visualization
The first day of class will be Wednesday January 25th, see you there!