CSCI-4973 - Spring 2012
Introduction to Visualization
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Final Project Report

Like the midterm, you will present your final project through both an in class presentation and a written document suitable for posting on the course webpage. Both the presentation and the written document should clearly describe:

  • The motivation and audience for your visualization. What are the goals you hope to achieve with your visualiation?

  • Bibliography and complete description of related work, data sources, and other inspiration or background material. (Use proper bibliographic format)

  • Visualization Design Evolution. What was your initial idea for the visualization, what did you hypothesize to present or discover in the data? How did the design change as you worked on the visualization? Include intermediate screenshots and examples of the visualization process.

  • What feedback did you get on the design from other people? (How well do these people match your target audience?) How did your visualization design or implementation change based on this feedback? How could this visualization continue to evolve beyond this course project?

  • Description of the core features and technical implementation details. What visualization packages or other pre-existing code did you leverage? What algorithms or data structures did you implement?

  • How you spent your time in working on the assignment, and for team projects, who did what.

  • Include a representative 200x200 pixel image (thumbnail.png or thumbnail.jpg) with your submission for the project index page (for example: advanced graphics projects). All projects reports will be posted online by default. If you do not want your project report posted online please send the instructor an email.

Target Visualization Stage: all!

How to Submit

Each student should submit a plaintext README.txt (using the provided template), the report, the 200x200 thumbnail image, the source code written by you for this project (not necessary to include libraries written by others), and any data (if the data is large, just include a sample) to the homework server (homework server info).

Assignment Due: Tuesday April 24th, 11:59pm