CSCI-4973 - Spring 2012
Introduction to Visualization
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Assignment #10: User Feedback

For this last assignment before the final project, you will gather informal user feedback on the design and implementation of the visualization. Show your final project visualization, in its current form, to:

  • at least 5 people in this class, and

  • at least 5 people outside of this class.

Specifically ask for feedback on any or all aspects of the design visualization style, color, layout, interaction, presentation, etc.

Is your intended message conveyed? Does the user draw a correct and logical analysis or interpretation from the data?

Through your discussion with each person, ask for suggestions for improvement for:

  • short term -- can be implemented before the deadline, and

  • longer term -- if you continued working on this visualization (for a month, or a semester, or a year), what big visualization implementation challenges or other related datasets could you tackle?

Engage in the discussion & take detailed notes of feedback. Summarize this feedback, and analyze which components of the feedback you will incorporate into your final visualization. Be sure to discuss any unexpected comments or surprises in the feedback.

Target Visualization Stage: Visualization Revision & Presentation

How to Submit

Each student or team should submit a report with the information described above to the homework server.

Assignment Due: Tuesday April 17th, 11:59pm