CSCI-4973 - Spring 2012
Introduction to Visualization
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Assignment #3: Team Teaching

Building on your new visualization toolkit exploration from last week.... Join up with 1 or 2 of your classmates to create a visualization that teaches someone something. You may decide to explain a computer science data structure or algorithm to a first year computer science major. Or you may choose to explain a science factoid to an elementary school student. Or you can target your research peers at an academic conference and explain your latest ground-breaking results. Or something else...

Your tasks for this week:

  • Identify a problem & audience. It's important to clearly establish the motivation for this visualization. What background does your audience have? What do you intend as the take away message of your visualization?

  • Spend some time planning and designing your visualization. Do some pencil/crayon & paper sketches first (submit early sketches as part of your assignment!). Don't limit yourself to the features of any particular toolkit too early. Ideally your visualization should stand on it's own with only a limited amount of companion text or narration.

  • Select a visualization toolkit. Install & learn how to use the tool or new features (as needed).

  • Collect data & execute the visualization.

  • Analyze, revise, redesign (as time permits).

  • Document the design & evolution of your visualization. Write up your team and individual efforts during the design & implementation process.

Target Visualization Stage: Visualization Design (primary), Motivation, Visualization Execution/Implementation

How to Submit

Each team should make a group post to LMS (one teammate makes a post for the whole team) to the "Assignment #3 Team Teaching" discussion. The group post should include the visualization results & description/discussion with preliminary/intermediate visualizations to document the evolution of the design. Everyone should read & comment on the posts by other teams.

Each member of the team should submit an individual plaintext README.txt (using the provided template) to the homework server (homework server info). Your README.txt file should focus on your contributions to the team, but you can cut & past from the group LMS post. Also submit to the homework server any source code you wrote for the assignment. (You do not need to submit a complete buildable software project, just submit source code you wrote).

Assignment Due: Tuesday February 14th, 11:59pm