CSCI-4973 - Spring 2012
Introduction to Visualization
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Assignment #7: Interaction & User Interfaces

For this assignment you are encouraged to revisit a previous assignment and expand the user interface and options for interactively viewing and exploring the data. Think carefully about your target audience and the dataset. What questions will the data prompt the user to want to answer? Also consider options for the design of the user interface. What is a natural and intuitive mechanism for capturing user input?

Your primary focus this week is on implementation. If you haven't already worked with a visualization toolkit that facilites interactive visualization you may need to invest time learning a new tool this week. You are strongly encouraged to team up with a classmate for this assignment, and to work with someone you haven't already worked with.

Your submission should capture the nature of this interaction. Be sure to describe your interaction design and technical implementation details and challenges in your writeup. If your resulting visualization is not web-based, you should submit either a video or a sufficiently detailed sequence of screenshots to aid in grading.

Target Visualization Stage: Visualization Execution (primary), and Visualization Design (secondary)

How to Submit

Each student should make a post to LMS to the "Assignment #7 Interaction & User Interface Design" discussion with the information outlined above. Include links, images, or whatever documentation you have gathered for your examples.

Each student should also submit the same documents plus a plaintext README.txt (using the provided template) to the homework server (homework server info).

Assignment Due: Tuesday March 27th, 11:59pm