CSCI-4973 - Spring 2012
Introduction to Visualization
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Midterm Project & Report

The midterm project is a chance for you to revisit an earlier assignment, follow-up on unfinished visualization exploration, and polish up the presentation. The project may be completed individually, or in a team. (The team/individual does not need to be the same.)

Your efforts for the midterm should be in 2 areas. First, in revising the visualization; for example, new data, new design, new visualization tools, etc. Be sure to incorporate feedback from your fellow students and what you have learned from the assigned readings. Secondly, you should focus on expanding and formalizing the presentation of your visualization.

Your primary presentation will be an in-class presentation of the project. Be sure to clearly describe the motivation & audience for your visualization, the interesting technical implementation details behind its creation (data collection & toolkit usage), and your analysis of the effectiveness of the results. You may present off your laptop, plugged in to the classroom projector, or using a poster, or handouts to your classmates, or something else creative. Be sure to practice your presentation as you will have 5-10 minutes per person (exact schedule TBA). Your classmates will evaluate your presentation and give you feedback on the visualization and your presentation. This peer grade will factor into your overall midterm grade.

Your secondary presentation will be a written document covering the same material. The written presentation should be suitable for posting on the public course webpage; for example, a simple .pdf document or a simple or complete .html document with images, video, embedded scripts, etc. Ideally there will be significant overlap between the two different forms of your presentation, but they will probably not be exactly the same.

Target Visualization Stage: Presentation

How to Submit

There is no required LMS post for the midterm. Your written report is due on the homework server by 11:59pm on Tuesday March 6th. As with the other assignments, be sure to include a brief README.txt file describing your work for the week. If it is a team project be sure to detail your individual contributions to the project.

Assignment Due: Tuesday March 6th, 11:59pm