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There were thirty seven lectures by participants, on topics that can be classified (post-hoc) into the following categories. Note that in many cases, however, lectures touched on issues in more than one of the categories. These abstracts will also be printed and distributed to the participants by the Dagstuhl secretariat. Full paper submissions corresponding to many of the talks are being collected for a refereed proceedings publication.

  • Foundations and Methodology Comparisons
  • Fundamentals of Generic Programming
    Jim Dehnert and Alex Stepanov
  • Automatic Program Specialization by Partial Evaluation
    Robert Glück
  • Evaluating Generic Programming in Practice
    Mehdi Jazayeri
  • Polytypic Programming
    Johan Jeuring
  • Recasting Algorithms As Objects:
    An Alternative to Iterators
    Murali Sitaraman
  • Using Genericity to Improve OO Designs
    Karsten Weihe
  • Inheritance, Genericity, and Class Hierarchies
    Wolf Zimmermann
  • Programming Methodology
  • Hierarchical Iterators and Algorithms
    Matt Austern
  • Generic Programming in C++: Matrix Case Study
    Krzysztof Czarnecki
  • Generative Programming: Beyond Generic Programming
    Ulrich Eisenecker
  • Generic Programming Using Adaptive and
    Aspect-Oriented Programming
    Karl Lieberherr
  • Complete Traversals: Implementation and Generality
    Arturo Sánchez-Ruíz
  • Template Support for Variation
    Georg Trausmuth
  • An Overview of Generic Programming in RESOLVE
    Bruce W. Weide
  • Applications
  • Software Components for Computer Algebra
    Giuseppe Attardi
  • Generic Programming in the POOMA Framework
    James Crotinger
  • Generic Programming with Black Boxes
    Erich Kaltofen and Angel Diaz
  • STL-Style Generic Programming with Images
    Ullrich Köthe
  • Wrapping Computer Algebra Components with Java and CORBA
    Wolfgang Küchlin and Andreas Weber
  • Generic Graph Algorithms
    Dietmar Kühl
  • A Generic Programming Environment for
    High-Performance Mathematical Libraries
    Wolfgang Schreiner
  • Generic and Generative Programming in Blitz++
    Todd Veldhuizen
  • Specification and Verification
  • Representing, Verifying, and Applying
    Generic Software Development Steps Using PVS
    Axel Dold
  • Filter-based Model Checking of Partial Systems
    Matthew B. Dwyer and Corina S. Pasareanu
  • Generic Specification and Verification
    Friedrich von Henke, in collaboration with
    F. Bartels, A. Dold, H. Pfeifer, H. Rueß
  • Applying Larch/C++ to the STL
    Gary Leavens
  • Mizar Verification of Generic Algebraic Algorithms
    Christoph Schwarzweller
  • Language Independent Container Specification
    Alexandre Zamulin
  • Language Design or Extensions
  • Piccola--a Small Composition Language
    Oscar Nierstrasz
  • Controlling Genericity
    Rüdiger Loos
  • Generic Java--Making the Future Safe for the Past
    Martin Odersky, joint work with Philip Wadler and Enno Runne
  • Generic Programming in SuchThat
    Sibylle Schupp
  • Xroma: Extensible Translation
    Daveed Vandevoorde
  • Libraries and Standardization
  • Exception Safety in Generic Components
    David Abrahams
  • Issues of the Standard STL
    Nicolai Josuttis
  • What Kind of Standards Should There Be
    for Generic Algorithm Performance?
    David Musser
  • Generic Programming in CGAL
    Stefan Schirra


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