Lecture 5 — Exercises

Solutions to the problems below must be sent to Submitty for grading. A separate file must submitted for each problem. These must be submitted by 4 pm on Tuesday, September 19.

  1. Write a function called convert2fahren that takes a Celsius temperature and converts it to Fahrenheit, returning the answer. Write code that calls the function three times to convert temperatures 0, 32, and 100 to Fahrenheit, printing the result each time. To keep things simple for these exercises, the output should be

    0 -> 32.0
    32 -> 89.6
    100 -> 212.0

    Submitty will check that a function exists with exactly the given name, that it does the calculation, and that it is called three times.

  2. Write a function called frame_string that takes a string as an argument. Its job is to print that string with a frame around it, just like in Lab 2. Unlike the other functions we have written frame_string does not need and therefore should not have a return statement. Write code to call the function two times. For the first call pass the string Spanish Inquisition. For the second call, pass the string Ni. Print a blank line between calls. The output should be

    ** Spanish Inquisition **
    ** Ni **

    In addition to checking the output, we will check that you wrote a function called frame_string and that your code calls this function twice.

For extra practice, but not to be uploaded to Submitty, solve the following:

  1. Add code to your first function that has a second parameter which is the minimum temperature in Fahrenheit. If the converted temperature is less than this, use this minimum value. Write code to run this modified function using the value 459.67 and test that it works correctly.
  2. Add code to the second program you wrote to print out the result of the calls to frame_string. The output should be the value None. This is a special Python value that indicates “there is no value”. The most common example of using None is the result of a function that has no return statement.