Lecture 17 — Exercises

Solutions to the problems below must be sent to Submitty for automatic scoring. A separate file must submitted for each problem. Solutions must be submitted by 4 pm on Friday, March 31.

  1. What is the output of the following code?

    d1 = dict()
    l1 = [ 5, 6, 7 ]
    d1['car'] = l1
    d1['bus'] = l1.copy()
    l1.append( [8,9] )
    d1['truck'] = d1['bus']
    print("list:", l1)
    for v in sorted(d1.keys()):
        print("{}: {}".format( v, d1[v] ))
  2. Write a Python program that finds the name of the movie in our Internet Move Database that involved the most individuals. Print the name of the movie on one line and the number of individuals on the next time. You do not need to consider the possibility of ties and you should assume all actors and movies have the correct capitalization. Finally, print the number of movies involving only one individual (yes, there are such movies). For example, if the name of the movie is Ben Hur with 2,342 individuals, and 165 movies have only one individual then the output from your program will look like:

    Enter the name of the IMDB file ==> imdb_data.txt
    Ben Hur

    Note that you only need to create one dictionary for this exercise. Start by planning the organization of this dictionary and thinking through how you are going to use it.