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May 14, 1997.
A large collection from the book SELECTED POEMS OF FAZIL HUSNU DAGLARCA has been added to the pages today. It contains translations of Daglarca's poems by Talat Sait Halman and an introduction to Daglarca's poetry by Yasar Nabi Nayir. The site feautures Turkish originals and English translations of poems standing side by side.

Even though words cannot express my appreciation for the efforts Mr. Zahir Antia put into bringing this collection to the pages, I will put a simple thank you note here.

Dec 2, 1996.
Ozkan Mert proudly joins the English speaking pages. I have added two new translations of poems by Ozkan Mert.
Feb 24, 1996.
Please read the great additions to the translation pages. I have added poems to the following pages:
Attila Ilhan, Turgut Uyar, Ulku Tamer, Oktay Rifat, Umit Yasar Oguzcan, Behcet Necatigil, Nazim Hikmet.
Feb 18, 1996.
I have added four new translation of poems by Oktay Rifat.
Jan 15, 1996.
After a long breath, I am back to the translation pages. In the meantime, I hope you have visited the pages with a Turkish accent. As a beginning, I have added Kaan Ozbayrak's poems to the pages. More great poetry coming shortly.
Apr 23, 1995.
A small collection of poems are added to the pages. The poems span a time period from the 13th century to early 20th century. For real adventurers.
Apr 12, 1995.
Translations of Ozdemir Asaf's poems are added to the pages.
Apr 10, 1995.
Just mark your calendars for the addition of the book I, Orhan Veli.
Apr 9, 1995.
Beautiful translations by Talat Sait Halman of poems by Melih Cevdet Anday and Ozdemir Ince have been added to the pages.

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