CSCI 1200 Data Structures
Spring 2013
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Getting Help

Your work on the homeworks and the labs for this course should be completed on your own. However, you are encouraged to ask lots of questions about the material, especially when you get stuck, of your instructor, TAs, lab mentors, and fellow classmates.

RPI LMS Discussion

Post your questions about homework and general questions on the course discussions page. The TAs, instructor, and other students will help answer your questions. Be sure not to post partial or full solutions to the lab or homework problems when asking your questions. A line or two of code that is causing a compiler syntax error is ok.

If you registered at least a week before the first day of classes, you should be automatically added to the course LMS database. You will use your RPI RCS username & password to log in to LMS. Contact the instructor if you cannot access the Data Structures LMS website. Include your RCS username with the request so you can be added.

Additional Tutoring

In addition to the Instructor and TA Office Hours, you may also want to check out:

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