CSCI 1200 Data Structures
Spring 2013
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The lecture notes posted on this website will be a complete but terse presentation of the material covered in the course. You are encouraged to make use of additional reference material to explain any material you find confusing in more depth.


The following books are optional (recommended but not required). The course will follow primarily the order of Ford and Topp. Some of the lectures are based on material in Koenig and Moo. Students are encouraged to have available a C++ reference book, such as those by Malik or Stroustrup, and/or use on-line reference material.

Web Resources

Here are several websites you should find helpful. Feel free to search for and share other web resources.

C++ Development Environments

See the C++ Development Environments page for more information on compiling with g++/gcc.

Misc. C++ Programming

See the Misc C++Programming Info page for information on C++ command line arguments, file I/O, and redirecting standard input & output to files.