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Data Science Research (DSR) Laboratory

Bülent Yener


The DSR Lab in the Computer Science Department is a participant of Data Science Research Center in RPI , directed by Prof. Yener. The Lab members conduct research on diverse topics, ranging from Biomedical Informatics to Intelligence Informatics (network security & privacy) including modeling and analysis of Communication, Data, Biological and Social networks.

My current research has two tracks: (1) modeling of complex (high dimensional, multi modal, heterogeneous) and time evolving systems that raise in natural and manmade systems. I have pioneered a graph theoretical approach (called the cell-graphs) to model structure-function relationship that has applications from biology to material science; (2) applied cryptography and network security. I am interested in key extraction from physical layer characteristics in wireless networks, malware analysis, and botnet research.


The best way to reach my papers is to Google them or to send me an email for a pdf file.

Overall my research spans several areas including

  1. Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics
  2. Security, Privacy, and Intelligence Informatics
  3. Wireless Networks
  4. QoS and VPNs
  5. Overlay Networks
  6. Internet Measurements