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Ph.D. Theses

Representation and Generation of Terrain using Mathematical Modeling
Christopher Stuetzle
Ph.D. Thesis
June 2012
Interactive Daylighting Visualization in Spatially Augmented Reality Environments
Yu Sheng
Ph.D. Thesis
January 2011

Master's Theses

Feature Generation for Quantification of Visual Similarity
Tianning Steven Han
Master's Thesis
June 2014
Design and Evaluation of a Multi-User Collaborative Audio Environment for Musical Experimentation
Tyler Sammann
Master's Thesis
June 2013
Multi-User Interactions for Spatially Augmented Reality Games
Andrew Dolce
Master's Thesis
June 2011
Photon Mapping for Architectural Daylighting Simulation of Interior Spaces
Eric Li
Master's Thesis
December 2010
Levee Erosion Simulation Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Zhongxian (Jonathan) Chen
Master's Thesis
October 2010
Thin Shell Structure Design Tool
R. Allan Pendergrast
Master's Thesis
June 2010
Interactive Rendering of Complex Fenestration Materials for Architectural Daylighting Design
Yu Sheng
Master's Thesis
July 2009

Bachelor's Theses

The Human Paintbrush
Tyler Sammann
EART Thesis
May 2012