CSCI 4972/6963 - Spring 2008
Advanced Computer Graphics
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Final Project
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Academic Integrity

Spring 2008 Final Projects

Ray Tracing through Viewing Portals
Chris Young & Igor Stolarsky

Snow Accumulation in Interactive Time
Chris Willmore & Scott Fermeglia

Reflection of a Horizon Image on the Surface of Water
Chris Stuetzle, Steve Warner, & John-Paul Mayer

Non-Photorealistic Experimentation
Jhon Adams & Danny Coretti

Terrain LoD via ROAM
John Schwartz & Zachary Cross

Automatic Face Animation with Linear Model
Jixu Chen

Multiple Model Photo Popup
Jon Bidwell, Justin Decell, & Stephen Mokszycki

Per-Pixel Displacement Mapping and Distance Maps
Dan Book

Combinging Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion and Cartoon Rendering on Graphics Hardware
Brett Lajzer & Dan Nottingham

Time Restricted Parallel Ray Tracing
Ed Levie & Stephen Kelley

Simulating Atmospheric Refraction and Scattering: Lunar Eclispses and Beyond
Sreekanth & Ted
Here are the Final Project Guidelines.